Learn How Forgiveness Can Save a Marriage

FizzNiche July 24, 2012 0
Learn How Forgiveness Can Save a Marriage

It seems that marriage has become more about compatibility than commitment. Living with someone takes a lot of hard work. And learning how to communicate, interact, and support each other renews that commitment. When you make efforts to do these things in your marriage, then love becomes a decision and the commitment part is easy.

Learn how patience and forgiveness can help you save a marriage.

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It seems the last several decades has increased divorce more and more. Couples who divorce feel they can’t live together, but I ask you, is there any person you can live together and not have any strife? You lived with your mother or father for years and you probably often argued and had strife, but you stayed, right? How? Through patience and hopefully forgiveness.

The real problem is not each other, but your lack of patience and forgiveness…and this is a spiritual problem. Spiritually weak couples do not last, because they don’t know how to forgive each other.

D. Wayne, PhD., Author

How have you witnessed the decision to love save a marriage?

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