How to Cope with Father’s Day After Divorce

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How to Cope with Father’s Day After Divorce

Learning to cope with the changes that divorce brings to holidays is part of your healing process.  It may be difficult to spend a day alone when you may have been used to spending it as a family at one time.  Learn from our expert guest bloggers how to accept these changes and learn to love your new family dynamic.

It’s Dads Day

Even if you have little respect left for an ex-husband remember that to your children he is still their biological father and they should know it is OK to reach out to him on Father’s Day. When kids also have a step father help them navigate the day so that they can respect both their biological Dad and step Dad.

Dr. Richard Horowitz, Partner, Growing Great Relationships

Acceptance and Love

The holidays are always the most difficult time of the year to accept and adjust to the dissolution of one’s family. Your family core as you once knew it has been destroyed and new dynamics must be developed to fill the void and changing families. Whatever stage your relationships are in, understand they will continue to be in flux and evolve until all the members involved have accepted their new family on their own terms.

Divorce and the emotions and changes it brings to each family member will be different, and will effect each member differently.

As a woman and mother, it is your role, no matter how painful, to accept through love and forgiveness, the stages and emotions that you and your children will be experiencing. Know that with time, the hurts will lessen and be replaced by acceptance and a new meaning of love.

Elizabeth Berberich, Co-President, Marrying Later in Life

How have you spent Father’s Day incorporating acceptance and love into your life?


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