Building Trust in Your Marriage

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Building Trust in Your Marriage

Jealousy and insecurity can tear a marriage apart. ¬†There are two perspectives we can take when dealing with these issues in a marriage; the inactive approach, deeming it the other person’s problem, or the proactive approach, protecting our marriage with communication.

If an opposite-sex friendship is interfering with your marriage, learn how to protect the limits of your relationship.

Present as a Married Person

Marriages flourish best when there is a sense of trust between two partners. Trust can definitely be tested when the man or woman has an opposite sex friend. As a marriage and sex therapist, I believe it is possible to have an opposite sex friend and still have a trusting, healthy marital relationship.

However, several conditions must be met for the maximum chance of this scenario working.

1) He must talk to the friend as a married person, mentioning his wife often in his conversation
2) The wife needs to meet this person and feel a level of respect from the female friend
3) All meetings should be in the open and definitely no secretive meetings (The same holds true if the wife has the male friend).

Lastly, and most importantly,the couple has to have a strong connection. They need to communicate often, and that develops the kind of mature relationship that could more easily handle an opposite sex friend.

Todd Creager, President, Todd Creager Center for Successful Relationships, Inc.

How do you protect the boundaries of your relationship?

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