Feed Your Spirit First During Divorce

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Feed Your Spirit First During Divorce

Splitting your possessions can be a very stressful task when dealing with divorce.  You have an important decision to make before you even begin the process.  Learn how our expert guest blogger, Nancy Buck, suggests you take your first step.

That’s Mine. And That is Too!

There is so much about a divorce that is ugly, painful and hurtful. But fighting over who gets what can be handled with more grace and dignitiy. Here’s how.

Start by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and settled into your own skin, power and center.

Next, while you are away from your home, make a list of those things you love, you want, and that fill you with joy and delight. Don’t worry about leaving some forgotten things off of this list. No one is going to see it but you.

Now while you are in your home and begin to see those things that were not on your list ask yourself these questions before deciding to add them to your list:

Do you love it? Will your life be better with it? Or are you just trying to keep him from having it?

Keep only those essential things that feed your spirit and your soul, not your anger and resentment.

Nancy S Buck, PhD, Founder and President, Peaceful Parenting Inc

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