Financial Advice for Women – There’s No Quick Fix

FizzNiche April 26, 2012 0
Financial Advice for Women – There’s No Quick Fix

Today’s guest is an author who doesn’t beat around the bush. The advice may sting at first – but you’ll have to admit there is a strong argument for this no-nonsense approach to understanding and managing money after your divorce:

Tips for Haves and Have Nots

Coming out of a divorce with money or without money; both ways are tough.

When you have money there is a false security that it will last forever. These women go on a spending spree, thinking it’s going to heal the pain. Getting involved with people that only want to use them. Then a year or so down the road they have not prepared for their future, and now they are busted.

Women without money… they will spend the little they have on get rich schemes that don’t work. They also get involved with people for the wrong reason. Using people for their own gain; very bad idea. A year or so down the road they are still chasing their tail.

Tip: Stop trying to fill your pain with people who don’t love you, and spending money on the quick fix.

Tip: Find a Mentor, someone who has Integrity, and would have your best interest in mind. Do some real soul searching on what you want in life. What Inspires you? What is your passion?

Tip: Invest in yourself. Education, Business, Children. This is the best path, and you will always have something to bring to the table…

Tip: Do Not Go out and buy a new wardrobe, car, TV, Phone, Ipad, etc. Invest in things that will create a stream of income. Pay your bills off, and don’t create more bills (buying stuff) that will put a heavier burden on your life.

We all have talents; GOD given gifts that we can use to bless others and ourselves. Find your gift, it could be a hobby that you are doing that you can create into a business. Don’t rely on another person to bring home the bacon for you.

Use the finances that you have and plant a seed for your future.

Don’t Give UP! Just because it’s hard is not a reason to give up. This Life Lesson is going to work for your good.

Remember when people throw rocks at you; pick them up and build something!

— P H Jones, Author:  When the breakup has no makeup, its time to wake up!

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