Don’t Let Expectations Ruin Your Marriage

FizzNiche April 4, 2012 0
Don’t Let Expectations Ruin Your Marriage

Expectations – they have a way of ruining a lot of things – including marriages.

Have expectations for your marriage, your husband and your life gotten in the way of reality? Today’s guest blogger has some advice for getting rid of expectations to move into a better place in your relationship:

Are You the Problem in the Relationship?

Before exiting through the back door, sit down and examine your expectations in the relationship. When you have expectations of your partner that are not being realized, it can cause resentment, anger, and frustration that festers and builds under the radar until, for you, it is over.

Do this 2 part exercise:

Part 1-Write down all the reasons why you want to leave the relationship and determine how many of them have to do with something you expect of your partner that they are NOT doing. Connect the unrealized expectations with the feelings of resentment, anger, and frustration you experience.

Part 2-symbolically destroy the list by fire or by shredding it and feel your expectations being destroyed with it. Your new found awareness will give you the opportunity to approach your relationship with a fresh set of eyes–ones that see your role in your discontent, instead of the other person being the sole reason for it.

— Michael J Russ, President, Powerful Living International LLC


We think that this is a great exercise for you to do with your husband. If you both let go of expectations together, you can begin planning for reconciliation and saving your marriage.

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