Suggesting Separation to Postpone Divorce

FizzNiche March 26, 2012 0
Suggesting Separation to Postpone Divorce

Sometimes a break is all it takes to show you both that your marriage is something you want to keep and work on. So, as today’s guest blogger suggests, consider talking to him about a separation instead of moving right into a divorce.

Use the time to transform yourself and see what it does to win him back:

Take a Break and Transform Yourself Into a Hottie

The worst thing you can do is to whine, scream or beg. It will send him packing right away.

Instead, suggest a separation, and be willing to see how things go. During this time, make yourself hot and irresistible, and do fun things – especially where there are other men.

Most likely, your husband wants to have a fling without the guilt. So let him. When he sees that you are not staying home and pining after him, he’ll come running back like a puppy dog. It worked for Kate Middleton when Prince William wanted to sow his wild oats.

The only caveat is that if children are involved, ask your husband to go to couples therapy for at least a year before proceeding to divorce mode. You owe that to your children.

Ideally, between his seeing you become the hottie that he was looking for, seeing his hottie’s flaws, and going to therapy, he’ll come crawling back. But, you have to learn the bad girl secrets that the ‘other woman’ used to lure him away!

—¬†Carole Lieberman, M.D.,¬†Psychiatrist & Bestselling Author
Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets


A separation could be just the break that you need to win him back. Give it a try and allow yourself to grow and become stronger – if you do win him back, your new strength will help your relationship mend and grow again.

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